salonesatellite / Milano / 2014
The concept of “RUBBER LOOP” was to make things of different depths and shapes with traditional wood turning technologies. In the wood turning processes, it could make different shapes and sizes, with different difficulties to make, to meet satisfy various needs and functions. Rubber loops were used to combine different containers, like a multi-tool, to achieve various functions.Materials / wood and rubber loop

BOMB STATIONERY概念是將傳統的木工車製手法進行不同深度與造型製作,不同的造型尺寸有不同的製作難度,因製作條件的車製加工塑成不同形體而產生功能用途,運用RUBBER LOOP 將所需大小及使用用途的容器圈綁在一起,就像炸彈文具一樣,可隨意將功能性組合一起。  材質 / 手工車製木頭、橡膠
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