Camino x ViiCHENDESIGN 2 0 1 9
Modern furniture has broken away from its original purpose of functionality. People no longer choose furniture from a narrow spatial perspective but create spatial atmosphere by displaying layers upon layers of elements one after another. As the promoter of the "Symbiotic Emotion", the designer starts from the "sense of beauty", GRACEFUL REINA: founds in her memories such as the classic skirt frames from western countries and the beautiful ballerina gestures when they dance on stage.​​​​​​​
Chair  W500*D410*H774 mm、Armchair  W513*D410*H774 mm、Bench table  W∅700*H645 mm、Cafe table  W∅700*H726 mm、Counter table  W∅700*H916 mm、Bench  W1012*D420*H450 mm
Beautiful, royal and elegant, the designer presents the classic GRACEFUL REINA series with simplistic lines. The inwardly converging chair ring with curved legs uses metal to outline the elegant arc of the chair, while the metal elements break the original stiffness and coldness by supplementing with even more curvature changes. Made from solid wood, the chair seat generates a mild and natural atmosphere which is a perfect match for both indoors room and outdoors courtyard alike. In addition to meeting market specification and ergonomic structure, the GRACEFUL REINA table and chair series are designed to meet the oriental lifestyle. By matching circular table with chair within 50 centimeters from the ground, the applicability and suitability of the role furniture plays in the general public's daily lives are taken into account on a comprehensive scale.
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