Other than just a simple object, the emotional design also provides people with a lot of fun and pleasure through the working of sensation and perception. By taking into account the core concept of "Symbiotic Emotion", Vii CHEN explores every aspect of design including concept, detail, present, and future. Vii emphasizes and focuses on utilization of materials and extension of production techniques, it adopts the physical experiences between the user and subject to connect the perception of users with touch memory and result in “Symbiotic Emotion” between people and the subject. It incorporates the image representing the knowledge and experience of human.

In 2013, Vii set up her own studio: ViiCHENDESIGN. As a woman with a unique personal style, Vii seeks inspiration from rich family art and insists on using design language to express her own design thinking and design freedom. Focus on her expertise in emotional design, Vii has won several top international design awards. At the same time of the year, Vii's work " fruit and vegetable peels cup" (double layer ceramic cup) also won her 2013 Red Dot: Junior Prize50, making Vii the first female designer from Taiwan to receive such an honor in addition to more than 20 international awards that she was granted, including iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award, GOOD DESIGN Award JP, DFA Design for Asia, Shanghai 50/100 Junior Prize, Taiwan Golden Pin Design, Taiwan Good Craft...etc.

As Vii's Symbiotic Emotion begins to influence the design concept of the new generations, Vii takes on her role as a newly-emerged Asian designer whose works cover a wide range of subjects including industrial design, interior design, and furniture design, thereby demonstrating her excellent design in turn of concepts and details. As her works started to gain popularity, Vii was invited several times to serve as an international design judge at a tender age of 30, including Braun Campus Prize Taiwan, Panel of FRANZ AWARD…etc. and experienced in Jury Work for Design Awards and Newcomer Awards. This year, Vii was even invited to serve as the Chief Adjudicator jury and Judge for South Asia Preliminary Selection of Taiwan International Student Design Competition 2018 who facilitates mutual exchange and interaction among international design judges. At the same time, Vii was also invited to the forum of Australia VIVID SYDNEY FESTIVAL to share about her lamp design and modern tea set design under the core concept of Symbiotic Emotion as well as her innovation experience.

By collaborating with partners from all over the world: Japan Hirota Glass, USA camino home, HOTEL INDIGO, Taiwan HOME HOTEL and, Vii has assisted Royal Salute in designing the limited edition of porcelain whiskey bottles which are widely sold in the Asian market. By transforming the British teapot cover and royal crown jewelry into the shape of the oriental teapot and the crown of the emperor, the Royal Salute whiskey wine bottle is associated with the noble and profound tea culture that has been passed down through several generations. Vii has designed a classic style - which is also a porcelain work that combines the experience of the East and West drinks.

In recent years, Vii has deepened her emotional design and launched her art design with the core concept of "Symbiotic Emotion". With the suitability of the material applications showing an experimental creation at different levels, the emotional design presented and promoted by Vii has become a core value that cannot be overlooked in her creations. By integrating her emotion into her design, the emotional designs and functional designs can be further strengthened and optimized.


Design Anthology Award 2019 Furniture/Product - Graceful Reina Series
2019   Design Anthology Award 2019 Female Designer Nominee.
2018   VIVID SYDNEY 2018 Light, Music & Ideas Festival 澳洲繽紛雪梨活動受邀演
2017   GOLDEN PIN 金點設計獎 產品類入選最佳設計
2017   GOLDEN PIN 6項產品獲得金點設計獎
2016   Shopping Design Best 100 - 年度最佳原創品牌
2016   Wallpaper City Guides
2015   German Design Award Nominee: Excellent Product Design 德國設計獎提名
2013   GOOD DESIGN AWARD Package
2013   Red dot product design award
2013   TDC X W Taipei / TRASH【RE】Design 合作設計師 
2013   入書台灣設計師AROUND專書
2013   學學文創“媒介”展導覽設計師
2013   文創精品獎 精品大獎
2013   Taiwan Good Craft Judgment AWARD 臺灣優良工藝品 時尚獎/機能獎
2013   Golden Pin Design Award - package design
2013   Golden Pin Design Award - product design
2013   Dian Shin / Design Refreshment - Treasure Trove of Tainan
2012   上海設計師週50/100設計新銳獎
2012   國立臺灣工藝研究發展中心工藝新貌計畫
2012   入書 APPortfolio 2012-2013亞洲青年創作集錄 Vol.3
2010   IF lebens(t)raume design award winner
2009   ICSID World Design Congress Singapore
2009   Braun Prize China announcement winner
2009   red-dot design concept award winner
2009   光寶創新設計獎/光寶科技/特別獎

2018   馬來西亞臺灣形象展 Taiwan In Design 臺灣設計館
2018   EAST DESIGN SHOW 意思設計展(上海)受邀展出 – 新浪家居媒體區&青春集市
2018   聽見設計 台中勤美綠園道
2018   台灣國際飯店暨餐飲設備用品展
2018   遠東百貨 大器非凡文創工藝展X壹心 走味大稻埕巡迴展
2018   T I S D C 臺灣國際學生創意設計大賽 召集人暨評審
2018   Braun Campus Prize Taiwan 2018 - 德國百靈校園計大賽(恆隆行) 評審
2018   A+創意季 評審
2018   新一代設計展新新展評審 
2017   ART FORMOSA 2017 福爾摩沙國際藝術博覽會 誠品行旅
2017   受邀 學學文創事業演講分享
2017   ART FORMOSA 2017 福爾摩沙國際藝術博覽會 誠品行旅
2017   黑生起司 crossover 藝廊限定 POP-UP / 藝聚空間
2017   Salonesatellite Milan 米蘭家具衛星展展出
2017   SaloneSatellite20Years 米蘭家具衛星展 20 週年主題展邀請
2017   Creative Expo Taiwan 台灣文博會
2016   Dubai design week 2016
2016   VVG CHAPTER 好樣文房與日本設計師河原尚子SIONE聯展
2016   臺中歌劇院WAVES 概念店 WAVES store in National Taichung Theater
2016   Interior Lifestyle China in Shanghai 上海國際時尚家居用品展
2016   Salonesatellite Milan 米蘭家具衛星展展出
2016   Creative EXPO Taiwan 台灣文博會- 主題展
2015   POP UP SHOP in HuaShan1914 首次限定概念店於華山文創園區
2015   Taiwan Design Expo 台灣設計展
2015   MAISON&OBJET PARIS 巴黎家飾傢俱展
2015   FORMOSA FORMS, Munich red-dot museum 紅點設計巡迴展
2015   Creative EXPO Taiwan 台灣文博會-La VIe 文創100市集
2015   Creative EXPO Taiwan 台灣文博會-亞洲新銳設計師 創意設計類區
2015   Taiwanese Design Faces 臺北紅點設計博物館特展
2015   The Newborn Design Exhibition 新生・設計展
2014   日本東京設計師週 ASIA AWARDS Young Creators Exhibition-DESIGN
2014   Gifts from the Star Exhibition in Taipei101
2014   泰國曼谷 BIG+BIH 國際禮品家飾展
2014   台灣設計師週大會主題展
2014   港墘碧湖街區 - 街角人地景創作
2014   台北美國學校 藝術展
2014   MAISON&OBJET - 品牌形象展
2014   POP-UP STORE 形象展CameZa╳黑生起司╳好食光生活廚房
2014   台東糖廠 風土節氣.慢活台東
2014   新瓦屋 - 綠禾塘 百工具聚展
2014   東京國際家居生活設計展 Interior lifestyle Tokyo
2014   Salonesatellite Milan 米蘭家具衛星展展出
2014   工藝研究所 文具禮品展2014展出
2013   red dot product design award Taiwan Museum
2013   red dot product design award Germany Museum
2013   倫敦設計週 ( Tent London designer week ) 展出
2013   台灣文博會 展出
2013   台灣設計展暨 台北城市設計展
2013   TDC X W Taipei / TRASH【RE】Design 合作設計師 
2013   台南新光三越西門店-百工具聚展
2013   台北金點新生活運動主題展 – 台灣種出好設計櫥窗展
2013   台中民俗文物館開館特展 – 百工具 聚市集展覽
2013   上海國際時尚家居用品展 展出
2013   北京文博會 展出
2013   北京國際設計師週展出
2013   台灣設計師週大會主題展 AROUND 展出
2013   入書台灣設計師AROUND專書
2013   ICCIE Beijing 作品展出
2013    Interior Lifestyle China
2013   Dian Shin / Design Refreshment - Treasure Trove of Tainan
2013   日本工藝設計展 主視覺設計
2013   國立臺灣工藝研究發展中心自慢活計畫
2012   台灣設計師週策展人RE FROM
2012   台北誠品西門店邀請展/RE__TOUCH展覽 共同策展人
2011   台灣設計師週策展人RE DESIGN
2010   台灣設計師週 台達電作品展出
2009    ICSID World Design Congress Singapore
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