L-180 and C-2006
As 20mm-thick marble, embedded with metal stripes, leans over the walls, the fine yet sturdy “Monoliths” series can transforms a small corner or a large room and easily become the center of the space. Either lamps and clocks, it can be set with single or multiple pieces where marble’s natural unique patterns and charm are fully shown.
Monoliths 系列以20 mm大理石結合金屬條內嵌,倚靠牆面營造一隅至寬廣空間,細膩而堅固的擺件設計,成為完美的核心 ; Monoliths包含情境燈飾、立鐘兩款式,單一或陣列裝飾場域,展現大理石自然獨特紋理及其形貌之美。
Category Decorative Accessories Marble Stand Clock / Lamp 傢飾 . 時鐘 . 立燈 
Dimensions L-180 - 15x20xh180 (CM) C-200 - 15x20xh200 (CM)
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