Bathroom Utensil Tray
CHA TZU TANG / TAIWAN / 2017​​​​​​​
There are abundant natural sceneries in Taiwan. HEY SHENG CHI SI has assembled the full sentimental energy, inserted with craft sculpturing techniques, along with the modern taste of beauty to recreate another sense of Taiwanese beauty. In pursuit of nature, and arisen from primitive earth inspired design, the “MOUNTAIN” bathing series is placed in chosen hotels, hostels, and home bathrooms, in which the materials need to be anti-humidity and easily cleaned. The resinous materials are combined with stone-wastes and are ground into fine granules to create products with a taste of the mountains according to regional requirements as well as embracing the values of recycling wastes. Taiwan is an island that formed as a result of  clashing tectonic plates, resulting in the creation of mountains and oceans. The unique continuous mountain ranges and sceneries have been recreated, as the island wood symbolizes the gifts given to its people. The created tea lands have been made from the energy through the “Mountains” to let the world see the magnificent mountainous landmarks, allowing all the invisible yet creative workers to recognize the abundance of the natural energy, and hence to show the world the beauty of this art.
 “CHA TZU TANG”, A hundred years of tea seed culture has arisen from the Taiwan’s cultural creativity. From the innerself to the outer appearance, the daily routine of life proceeds in the most natural way with the essence of pure tea seed. Taiwan is a land of beauty, blended with purity and sincerity, where the tea brews with a sensibility of nature from the inside out.
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