Royal Salute / Taiwan / 2017
For the first time, a portable ceramic flask made for Asian market that realizes the western and oriental drinking culture into innovative tea/wine flask set, presenting its modernness and distinctive quality.
Flask top originated from English tea pot lid and crown jewels, and the body from Asian tea vessel design in the classic one pot – dual teacups set, this is a transformation and relinking of western portable flask to a new drinking situation. The ceramic, natural material, crafted with innovative pouring mouth which can be drunk directly with mouth from whatever angle, abandoning the single-side-pour only pattern. The curved flask lip runs gracefully down to the body to enrich the holding experience satisfying aesthetic and practical use. The container coming with two tea cups allow the tea to be poured into while enjoying the process of making tea, a true representation of Asian drinking culture.
Combining western and Asian DNA, the innovative exterior of internal concordance is incorporated with purple gold into the ceramic flask. While it is western culture to celebrate events with wine, in Asia, we treated our customers with best tea. The portable flask set comes with dual cups, infusing hundreds of years of vessels history. The mellowness channeled through innovative curved pouring mouth which lowers the exit so that the liquid can be poured from any angle; the golden rimmed purple flask adopts the colors of emperor. The regal figure is accessorized with an occidental jewel-esque lid that echoes to the oriental tea drinking culture - one pot & two teacup sets. The modern, practical design embodied with the mutual characteristics of both western and oriental royalty.
Purple” is regarded as the noble color of Chinese emperor, while “Gold” signifies rarity. The golden glaze rimmed flask lip and mouth of the cups are related to the regal western crown jewelry tip cover. The common characteristics of both oriental and occidental royal family enhances the hundreds years of essence of drinking vessel. The state-of-the-art flask design speaks for extraordinary nobility in practical use.
To accommodate modern daily use, the flask is made as a carrier of spirits or tea. Drinking to oneself or sharing with friends, the portable vessel is smartly made versatile.
Conveying the tea drinking culture in Asia, aiming both at oriental and occidental needs, this is the up-and-coming trend-setting globe wide. Enhanced with golden glaze rim and mark, the design emphasizes the royalty of the vessel.
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