Taiwan has experienced the early era of OEM and ODM to cultivate a solid foundation in design and manufacturing capabilities. Through well-established design capabilities combined with world famous Japanese manufacturing expertise, Taiwan has enhanced its design vitality along with the Japanese craftsmanship and precision manufacturing technology towards a new era of development. With cross-nation cooperation, the output of Taiwan’s design concepts will be spread to the Japanese market to open up the markets on both sides with maximum visibility.
“WAYOU “, the three-piece utensil set has added on the routine daily used food, the milky white glass dish brings an extra taste of romance and elegance, HEY SHENG CHI SI gives the handmade and aesthetic fusion of modern life and is suitable for daily use. The small glass could be filled with pickled plums, with the pearl jelly as a side dish or fill the glass with sake, liquor or other such beverages. The middle-sized bowl could be used for tasty desserts such as sweet soups, ice cream, yogurt, and so much more. The large plate could accommodate seasonal fruits, salad, pasta or multiple other uses according to the desired effect to create a casual yet personalized dining style that presents a delicate food and drink culture.
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